Pillya – the doggy who came all the way from the village – had his amputation surgery yesterday. The surgery went well and here you can see Pillya already standing on his three legs πŸ’
So resilient our Indies are..super proud of this gentle beautiful soul Pillya/Pillu for being such a strong baby πŸ’œ
He will stay at @animal.ark.clinic till he recovers and we are hoping to get him neutered too before he is sent back.
The bills attached are what we have spent upto now for Pillya. We have a long way ahead. We plan to get him neutered as well before we release him.
We are looking at raising atleast 35,000 INR
Out of which we have raised 14,000 INR

Please help us help Pillya πŸ™
Gpay on 9923334246

Thank you in advance
In gratitude
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