Update on Yogi – 27th July 2022

Yogi was examined and x-rays were taken. (Attached pics) –
The tumor is stuck to the skull bone and is growing. The size it is now has taken just about 2 months so it is growing aggressively.  He is also old.

We ran blood tests as well to understand if he’s ok otherwise and turns out he has TICK FEVER.  So much suffering.. and such a frail body … The medication and treatment for the same began last evening itself. He is eating well so that’s like a ray of sunshine and hope!

We will need to get a CT scan done to see how deep the tumor is and how much it is stuck to the skull… depending on which the surgery will take place .
Also we will need to check if it is malignant (cancerous) – if it is we can’t do much and he won’t have much time left 😦
But if it is not then we can think of further action.

Tje CT scan itself will cost around Rs 10,000/-
However, till he recovers from tick fever we cannot do a CT scan or a biopsy.

For now he is in the best care there can be and that comes with a price. Rs 400-500 a day plus medication etc .

Gpay on 9923334246 

Please please donate for Yogi  we are doing the best we can for him.
Thank you and in gratitude,