Update on Bandu – 20th July 2022

Today marks exactly 1 month of Bandu being admitted for a spine fracture.

We don’t have any good update yet.
The hit was such that it broke her spine at a place where the motions and bladder are controlled. 
The fracture has almost healed but her control isn’t back.
She does not have any strength in her hind legs . She is on laser therepy, physiotherapy and nerve meds for a while now and yet no improvement.
She has bad bed sores and they are only increasing with time.
Since she has no control over her bladder and there is always a pool of pee around her, she is at a high risk of a urinary tract infection.
Her poop needs to be expressed, which means that it manually has to be pressed out .

I cannot imagine the discomfort and misery she is going through inspite of being in the best hands before and even now.
She can never be put back on the street in this condition and how much will any shelter be able to do. Most are already hands full and over flowing.

I might have to take a decision i have never  actively and single handedly taken before.
Just because we as humans want to fight for her and try for her, should not be the reason of her suffering.

She needs a home. I don’t even know if such a home exists , (including mine) who will take her in with open arms, well knowing her challenges.

I feel heartbroken for her and hence have waited this long..but i will have one last conversation with the vets today and take this call- for Bandus betterment.
Heartbroken ๐Ÿ’”
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