I’ve been wanting to say this for a very long time but i just couldn’t get the right words.

I came across this “Accountability ladder” and I was like wham!!! This is what I want to say!

Animal welfare is no joke.
Animal welfare is not about clicking pics and posting on Instagram thinking it makes one look very cool
Animal welfare isn’t about trial and error
Animal welfare is not a hobby
Animal welfare is not about excuses
Animal welfare is serious stuff

Lives depend on you.

So if you are in it – You are IN it- there is NO room for excuses, blame games or being in victim mode.

The level of commitment needed is the same as any other core job- like maybe looking after a child or your family-why should it have any lesser priority than that?!

Yes we get physically and mentally exhausted and we can talk about it but that’s all- we then have to pick up the pieces and move on and get work done !

We gotta be accountable for the animals under our care..there is no other way out.

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