#LONGPOSTALERT Please read till the end 🙏
It’s June. My birthday month. Usually i start mentioning this at the beginning of the month every year.. with something or the other for a donation appeal. This year, with the number of cases I’ve been handling, there has been no time or bandwidth to even do that ☹️

These three innocent souls, who i feed daily, were found the before yesterday, not eating and not looking okay. I did not want to wait another day because i know how it is with pups and diseases. They were to be vaccinated this week but now they are all admitted for gastro-parvo.

They were rushed to Pet aid  to start off their treatment and now admitted in a private foster where they are kept separately and monitored round the clock along with the treatment protocol that’s required.

The bill on day one at the vets is attached here -Rs 10,000.
That’s just day ONE. They will take 8-10 days minimum to be okay and maybe slightly more till they are released back on location.

Each vile of injection costs Rs 3500. We need to buy one every alternate day till they recover.
Each pup Rs 500 a day + treatment cost
That’s Rs 2500 a day roughly – min of 7-10 days Plus transport Rs 1200 one way

I do not want to give up. I know they will make it through and they will be back to their playful selves.

I also know i cannot do this alone 🙏..i will definitely need help from you all. Please please please donate whatever amount possible for these innocent babies ..they need us the most right now.  It’s heartbreaking to see them suffer like this for absolutely no fault of theirs.

First they were dumped here without their mother ..they adjusted.. they started to trust us…and now this.. through it all..it’s amazing to see how they trust us and know that they are loved…
Snowy, Ginger and Caramel need us the most right now. Please come forward and donate for their treatment. All bills and receipts will be provided from time to time , as always ..

Thank you
In gratitude

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