We try…we try as much as possible..
This is Julie..she lives outside my society, at the doorstep of a grocery store that used to exist … It has recently been broken down for reasons unknown…and the humans that loved her very much have also left and gone elsewhere…she misses them so much..you can see it in her eyes…
Whenever children or even some adults visited the store, she was given treats by them ..every single day…now no one goes there…so not much human interaction..no treats either ☹️…
When it rained, she would take refuge inside the shop and they were kind enough to let her in.
When it got too cold, she would cosily sit in one corner of the shop and they would let her..
When it got too hot, she would sit outside the veggies area where water was sprinkled at regular intervals – and they let her..

But now they’ve all gone and Julie misses them ☹️
A few days ago when Pune received it’s first shower, all of us rejoiced and we’re thrilled to be relieved off the heat…but when i went feeding that evening Julie was soaking wet and just sitting outside the shop , clueless and helpless wondering what happened…there are not even enough trees for her to take shade under.. It broke my heart 💔
We just had to do something…even if it meant temporary…so i got help from these god sent gentlemen who help one of my friends with her dogs.. and they readily came forward and built this sweet little temporary shelter for her..
A huge thank you to god sent humans like them…so filled with compassion and love…rare gems to find
Hopefully this should do for now..it’s better than not having anything at all..till we can figure out a better plan…
Hopefully humans will let this shelter be and not destroy it or come in the way ☹️..

Please send Julie good vibes and prayers that she stays safe and uses this shelter made for her with all our love
In gratitude

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