Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.โ€ -H. Auden
Water is every living beings basic necessity and right!

Thank you @tailsntrees for helping us with some water bowls….โค๏ธ
The heat is a killer and the poor animals are suffering! We can talk and ask and beg for water… Animals cannot! Be their voice! Do your good deed…
Place a waterbowl in and around your areas /societies – try and show some empathy and not shoo away animals that come to take shelter in your society or nearby areas!
The earth belongs to every being!
Water is something that we ensure is reachable for all animals i feed- summers, winter, hail or storm! However, in summer we try and place a few more than usual…
Placing them is not the challenge, filling them daily is!
I wish the PMC did something about this or we had more volunteers maybe taking turns to fill water each day in their areas..
For now..we do as much as we can do..
In gratitude
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