Gundi- has been admitted to @petsforcepune for her recurring skin condition. For those of you who remember, she was sent even earlier. She’s very very old and I rather not stress her out but she’s been uncontrollably scratching 24*7.
Let’s hope she gets better and can be released in the comfort of her territory.
Buddha was released from Petsforce a a few days ago but now seems to have an eye injury which looks quite bad. He already had a cataract but now the lens seems damaged. He was on a 3 day medication course and drops there after for ten days, which I am managing onsite.
Again, he’s very very old too and I’m not sure if I should admit him or just let him be comfortable where he is for the time he has left.
Otherwise he’s all okay- touchwood- eating well and also managing to run from me when he sees me, even with that one eye,  approaching him coz he knows I put eye drops which he’s not very fond of. So yea, it’s a daily struggle twice a day.

Gpay on 9923334246โค if you’d like to help Buddha and Gundi โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™
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