Moti was reported to me on the 30th of May with a large tumor growing on his leg.

He’s an aggressive dog, so it was very difficult to catch him.. however, we were finally able to do so and admitted him in Petsforce.

We waited and waited for him to get an appointment for a surgery at the various NGOs in Pune, but unfortunately we didn’t get one. Everyone is loaded with cases I guess.

So we decided not to wait anymore and get him operated through a private vet. Dr Tulpule has been very kind and gave Moti a good consession considering he is a streetie. We got his blood work done and touchwood all was clear. We got a go ahead for the surgery.
As I wait here, outside the vets clinic, Moti is taken inside, given anesthesia and prepped for his tumor removal surgery.
His tumor is big. External. Will be removed but he might have a little muscle loss.
He will be kept at the shelter for post op care till he recovers.
His surgery cost is going to be anything between Rs.5000 to Rs.8000 plus his stay at the shelter will be charged per day.
I cannot do this alone. Please please please help Moti.
It’s June, my birthday month, a good month to do your good deed ๐Ÿ˜„
Gpay 9923334246 โค๏ธ
I know Moti will make it through and be well with all your good wishes, prayers and help .
Thank you ,
In gratitude
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