Animals don’t have sexual preferences and feelings like humans. It is just an act of release for them. At the same time, not letting them mate if they afe not neutered is frustrating for them which can result in various kinds of behaviour including aggression sometimes as they are frustrated. 
Mating them means breeding which is illegal unless one has a license. There are enough and more pups dying on the streets of our country and hence breeding is definitely not recommended. Indian breed dogs are extremely healthy, hardy and acclimatized to the weather of our country. After all a dogs love is a dogs love.  
Coming back to why neutering:- Neutering does not decrease the enthusiasm of your dog , it calms the ranging sexual hormones but that’s about it .- It is extremely healthy for your dog, infact benefitual because it completely eradicates the chances of prostrate/testicular cancer in males and mammary gland cancer in females. – Females go through false pregnancies which are very painful and unnecessary increasing the chances of pyometra and complications. – Your dogs behaviour will NOT change, they will remain happy and health-ier animals. It just calms them down. – Male dogs if not neutered are extremely hyper and can show signs of aggression.
Please choose to Neuter and Spay๐Ÿ™