Baloos itching has increased since the last 3 days. He itched so much that he hurt himself a little.

I picked him up from his foster and took him to see the vet. De Anushree did a scrape test again this time and confirmed Scabies. Thank you Dr Anushree for being so kind and gentle with Baloo.

The poor boy must be in so much discomfort. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ She suggested BRAVACTO and I gave a go ahead for it even though it costed rs 2000/- for just one tablet. The blood reports were clear last time so we are safe with Bravacto.

Whatever makes him feel better and get better soon.

He’s extremely playful and is also now getting a little brave, barking at people with masks and other doggies ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, that’s a good sign! He’s coming back to life!

The universe has been kind. We have a lovely foster looking after him very well. Amit bathes him, takes him for walks, feeds him well and most importantly loves him!

He is a perfect example of people who want to have the love of a dog but cannot adopt because of various reasons.. he went ahead and took advantage of the lockdown and work from home situation and decided to foster! Thank you Amit!

Sharing some pictures below.

All is not grim in Baloo’s world. We have some good news coming up soon! Watch this space for more!