Adopting a second pet, when you already have one can actually can be quite similar to having another child and prepping your first one for the arrival of a second one!

If you have identified the second pet and plan to bring him/her home soon, start with introducing your current pet to the new one in the new ones territory first.
When not in one owns territory, an animal is docile and will not react aggressively, just incase he/she is not okay with the new pet.

Once they meet, touch eachothers noses, sniff eachother, you will understand your current pet’s temperament too!

After they have met outside for a few times, you can then bring the new one to your home for sometime. By now your pet knows it’s scent and will recognise it. Hopefully they are friends now and your pet will be happy to have a visitor!

Do this a few times and then gradually increase the time they spend together in your home and then bring him/her home forever! Watch their bond get stronger as days pass by!

This process can take upto a week but trust me it will be worth it, instead of just bringing a new pet home and forcing your current one to accept him/her without a choice!

Please ensure that you have enough space at home for two pets! Two beds, two water bowls, two feeding bowls and double the toys! It’s just like having two human children with things of their own. Eventually they will share, but you will need designated items and space too.