This is Moti. Moti is 10+ years old. He is loved by the watchmen of the area he hangs around in.

Lately we began noticing that because of the cold, Moti had been sleeping a lot in the sun, which meant slightly towards the main road. 

We feared that he might get hit by a vehicle if they don’t end up seeing him and sure enough that’s what happened!

Moti has been admitted to a shelter for now and we have taken him to the vet.He has a big wound under his front leg and is in a LOT of pain ☹️. His wound is quite bad and will take some time to heal. He hasn’t eaten in two days and has been on saline. 

Since he is old and weak we cannot get aggressive with medication so we are going a bit slow. He is on antibiotics and medication on the wound daily. 

Moti would love to get well soon and go back to his area and be with the watchman Kaka real soon.

Please please help us help Moti with his treatment .. without your help it will be very tough to take Moti through this as we are extremely short on funds at the moment.

The rescue cases are increasing but unfortunately not the funds.

Please click on tj donate button if you can donate any amount for Moti.🙏

Thank you in advance 🐾