Updates on Johnny and an appeal

#updates and #donationappeal .

Johnny is back from his treatment. He is much much better and now his treatment will continue on spot. He has improved a lot from when he was sent. His family in the basti was very happy to have him back 🙂
He has come back with a HUGE bill to pay 😬
Attached below are is his bill as well as Grey’s bill.
Two more dogs were sent to today for treatment.
One boy who I posted about yesterday, suspected Distemper and another small sized cutie with a nice and swollen hematoma ear! .
It is RS 400 a day peeps!. Please help in whatever way possible.
You can either Google pay me or I can give you the fosters number directly as well.

Have a look at the outstanding bill amount in the bills below and now with two more dogs added it’s going to hit the roof!

It is impossible to do anything without help from all you kind souls 🙏🙏
Please get in touch with me for any further details.
Thank you in advance. 💜🙏💜
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