Coffee !

#compassion #love
Meet Coffee and her friends today !
I met coffee one fine day a few months ago when she started following my car on my feeding rounds..
She is an extremely friendly, loving and docile girl !! It was surprisingly easy to befriend her , feed her , pick her up and put her in the van to send her to get spayed and vaccinated. 💗She was so cooperative that it almost felt that she knew we were doing this for her good.
She was definitely a home dog and had been abandoned. She knew how to get into the car and she followed some commands . She has now adjusted very well into a pack I feed and lives there happily.
The people around are also compassionate and understand that we need to coexist. Unlike big societies like mine who make such a hue and cry about a few docile , Sterilized and vaccinated doggies living on a humungous campus !!
This man you see in the picture is a tanker driver. You can imagine how much he probably ears/doesn’t earn. Yet, every single day he buys packets of biscuits to feed this gang and others ! Such people are the blessed ones , for they know and live a life of love and furthermore teach their human children the right values.
It is a request, to please realise that the Earth was not created only for us humans and our huge lavish apartments. Learn to co exist.
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