I still can’t believe this has happened.

Lost one of my most favorite and sweetest little girl today.

She did not come to eat this morning. But she does that sometimes…and mischievously meets me at the gate to grab her share of food… .jumping on her twos in full gusto and excitement…But that did not happen either.

I did not worry too much because she wouldn’t go too far ever. She was scared of the bigger dogs . They bullied her. They sometimes attacked her.

And looks like this was one such morning. She did not survive the attack.

She died in a position as if begging to let go. She was grouching in fear perhaps.

They found her like this. They called me immediately. I rushed down at once ..hoping against hope it wasn’t my Choti. Or it wasn’t any dog from our pack. Or it just wasn’t a dog or a cat or any animal. ..

I saw her there… Lying lifeless.. houseflies on her.. she was gone.. just gone.. over night.

A healthy happy friendly girl..just gone !!!

We moved to this new apartment a year ago. I met her first on the 13th of May 2017.. she was perhaps a month young then. Her brother and she soon were down with tick fever. He couldn’t make it but she fought and she survived. She wanted to live.. she wanted to be happy ..

She grew up beautiful and healthy. We spayed her and got her vaccinated.

But it wasn’t meant to be..

Sorry Choti for all that you went through in this short life of yours.

Sometimes I wonder.. this human intervention.. is it even worth it ??

Sorry girl.. you deserved a home..a loving beautiful home.. I failed you that .. I will always love you.. you will always remain a very special part of me..

Try and Rest in Peace. You are in a much better place than all of us. ..

Until we meet again…

I love you Choti.