Till one day after Chotu came back from ResQ he was absolutely fine..eating well and bright. His sister Julie too.

But since the last two days both seem very dull..not eating much .. lethargic..

Initially I thought it was probably the heat .. but then I did not want to take any chances so rushed them to the vet today.

They do not have a fever.

They were covered with tiny ticks – lots of them – so they were sprayed with fipronil.

They both seemed to have some gas issues so were given antibiotics and a syrup accordingly.

They were both put on saline to give them some strength.

There is a follow up to be done tomorrow for antibiotics.

They have been prescbied medicines which we will give them on time along with a liquid diet.

Let’s hope they heal and fight well . The weather conditions don’t help ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

They have a shed to be under and water that the watchman does keep for them.

It’s way too heartwarming to see the love Chotu has for his sister Julie. Everytime he could ..he would walk to her and try and cuddle up.

Please keep them in your prayers.