Pictorial update :24th march

Chotu’s wound cleaning and dressing happens daily. He’s on antibiotics too.

His brothers and sisters are thrilled to have some pedigree puppy food donated by the very kind Binaifer Aunty from Mumbai. Thank you so much Binaifer . Dog bless you always .

Seen here they are with some biscuits a kind aunty feeds them daily .


Chotu was taken to the vet for his post bite anti rabies injection ,a wound clean up and check up.

He is slightly better than last time he visited her. He has a high fever though but that is because of the infection of the wound.

He actually needs to be in foster care and kept clean and looked after well but we are not doing that because just incase he does not get adopted it can get very difficult for him to go back on the streets.

Hence we are doing the best we can on site itself.

Thank you Dr Anushree for being so patient and amazing with chotu.

Thank you Rajesh for always helping out .

Thank you Venkat for being so compassionate towards the cause we work on.

Thank you to all our doners for helping out in times of need. Only because of you’ll chotu’s timely treatment is possible.

Please keep the donations coming in. ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

Without all your support ,doing all this would be impossible.


Chotu’s siblings.