So I’ve recently started feeding this bunch of five puppies at a construction site.

As soon as they hear my car honk they come rushing to me…and then follow me back in to the spot I always feed them on.

They take position as if it’s assembly time 🐾💕

Yesterday one little one did not come. I asked the watchman and he took some food separately for him saying he will feed him when he’s back from his galavanting.

This morning again I did not see him. I realised something was not right and suddenly heard a squeak!!! Poor kid was under all the tin sheets crying away .. we had to physically get him out of there and what we saw were some bad bad looking wounds.

He ate poor thing was so hungry.

He was taken to the vet later in the morning And was there till lunch time. .

His wound had become so bad that it had accumulated pus/water which had to be drained. He was given saline and an injection for the infection and pain. His ticks were removed and he was also given an anti rabies shot.

🐾🐾What we now need🐾🐾

🐾Anti rabies shot for the rest of the lot – that’s 4 of them (they have huge ticks on them) 😦

The vet will give these. Bills will be produced.

🐾Spot on – for the ticks that they are infected badly with –

🐾5 nos for puppies 0to 10kgs- RS 180 each on Amazon

🐾10 nos -20 to 40 kgs dogs– RS 400 each from Amazon

🐾Pedigree puppy food pouches-Rs 27 each , we need a box.

🐾Someone to help us pay the vet bills. (RS 720 -the first one )

Will be uploading the bill in sometime .

I pray that you help us help these poor things who have no one else looking after them.

Thank you in advance 🙏💞