One afternoon our grocery shop guy calls me and says he needs some help.

He’s seen me feeding dogs around so he knows we rescue and attend to street animals.

He mentioned that a mommy cat had given birth inside his shop the previous night. She stepped out in the morning and has not returned and that it is very unlikely that she would leave her just born kittens for this long.

I immediately connected to a cat we found in our society the same morning .. who was in a hit and run and had died on the spot.

I sent the picture to the grocery guy and he confirmed she was indeed the mother .

Our hearts broke. At once we requested Ayesha to help us as she has a vast experience with cats and kittens.

All thanks to Ayesha who attended the kittens immediately.. syringe fed them..made a nice cozy box for them.. and even struggled to look for a foster home even though she was travelling the next day .

A big thank you to Rashi who donated for the Lactol that we would need for the kittens in the coming months.

As of now they are at the foster care and are being looked after..

But we as humans need to be extremely careful and compassionate and understand that motherhood doesn’t happen only within humans! We are such a selfish tribe. The person who hit this cat with his vehicle did not even bother to stop and look and just born babies lost their mother. Just like that. In a jiffy. Because of a human.

Thank you everyone who is involved in that rescue including the compassionate shop keeper who is even ready to help us with adoptions when the time comes.

We wish the little ones God speed and a healthy happy life ahead to face this cruel world.

If you wish to donate for them or the several other animals we look after..

Please click on the Donate tab.

Thank you.

In gratitude ๐Ÿ™