Whenever I come across situations like these I have faith that there are humans out here who will help us sail through and hence I write this today.

This is a sincere appeal for help for the treatment of this little soul who I found this morning-on the auspicious day and night of Shivratri – howling away in the middle of a busy road while on my feeding round .
No one bothered. People walked and drove past him as if turning a blind eye.

Crying away loudly , lost from its pack I’m guessing , running an extremely high fever and a skin infection. Poor thing is so weak that when I picked him up I was afraid I’d hurt him ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We will be taking him to the vet now and start in treatment .
This month our bills have over shot and we just don’t have the capacity ..
I and reaching out to you and all to please help this little soul said through.. once he’s fit and fine he will live on a construction site which has compassionate security guards and we will look after him there.
Attached are the bills paid in the last few days for sterelisations in the area,besides feeding the 50 streeties that I feed.

Please come forward in whatever way possible.No amount is little. Every drop makes an ocean ๐Ÿ’•
Pay tm number : 9545524246

Thank you very much in advance. May God bless you all.