I lost my Ginger yesterday. To a Hit-and-run. 

The gentlest , most innocent being there ever was. 

Found her one day malnourished , walking aimlessly around one of the areas that I feed … decided to of course feed her and bring her back her spirits .

Looked like she had been dropped off by either blue cross or Pmc after being sterelised in an area which she did not belong to.. it was obvious from her demeanour that she did not know the people or the dogs around.

Now she had me. She had the pan tapri wala.  She had the restaurant watchman . She had the vegetable vendor. She had all those who watched me feed her and gained compassion for her for the way she never ate if I kept the food box on the floor… it had to always be held in my hands.. or she wouldn’t eat .. i had to squat down to her level to feed her.. I had  to pet her after she finished eating .. she would lay her head on my lap .. literally .. I would pet her.. pet her some more and kiss her goodbye for the day ..till I saw her the next morning … 

As she started gaining health she started prancing around and would jump with joy as she saw me approaching ..she would sun bathe on the road and I would always push her back on the footpath .. 

Every morning I left her with a prayer .. saying I will see you tomorrow ..

Last morning when I went and did not see her in her usual spot or prancing towards me , my heart sank. I knew something was not right.  

The watchman ran towards me to let me know that she had been runover the previous night but miraculously she escaped without a scratch and ran off somewhere .. he wasn’t able to find her since ..

I looked everywhere. . Called out to her ..but she did not come ..

I went home with a very heavy heart..only to come back back few hours later to find her under a car … lifeless… eyes open ..breathing ..but no energy to even get up… 

With the help of passers by I put her in the car .. called up the vet.. and rushed towards the vet… 

On the way ..my darling ginger…got two convulsions and gave up her life right there in my car….

As if she was waiting only to meet me one last time … 😦 

We then buried her and put her to rest forever.. 

Run free my baby girl.. you are severely missed.. 

How I wish human beings evolve and get over themselves and realise that they are not the only ones on this planet.

How I wish the driver that day Could be a little cautious and watch the space around him…

When will we learn… 

Ahh sorry Ginger girl..sorry. ..

I love you. Always.

Thank you Kamalakshi for being with me during these hours. Love you too.