Whitey is a strong headed beautiful girl who we have been trying to catch for sterelisation for the last 4.5 years!

She literally eats out of my hands but ha’s never let me touch her 😦

We tried several dig catchers and not one has been successful  till 3 days ago ! 

Sachin Kamble – our man of the moment ! Caught her in his net and she has finally gone to get sterelised and out of her misery of giving birth and the whole cycle of her pups dying etc . 

Buddy is her son. A very very loving and cuddly boy . I picked him up and put him in th van and he dint say a word ..most innocent of all ♡

Fluffy is from the SOJ construction site . We have tried catching her thrice before but have not been successful. This time top Sachin  worked his magic and she was caught to be sent for sterelisation. 

All 3 have had their surgeris and are recovering at ANIMAL FARM.

We look forward to their return and they living a healthy happy life hereafter. 

We will have a lot of bills to be paid once they are back. . 

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Thank you ♡