#donationappeal #helpbrowny#hit-and-run case!!! 

Do your #christmas #good #deed by helping Browny .

This is the result of a reckless driver!! Humans are getting worse with each passing day. 

While the world is busy celebrating the ringing in of the New Year… I wonder if the year they have left behind has taught them anything at all. 

While we sit cozy in our homes and in the arms of our loved ones..  There are helpless animals who need us and are not as lucky as us.. 

 This is my second case within a week… 

The other baby got saved and did not get paralysed. But this child.. Look at her state.  

I found her lying at the corner of my daily route -when I go to feed the 40plus street dogs daily. 

She was lying there helplessly,  scared and anxious not knowing what had even happened.  As soon as I approached her she cowered even lower thinking I’m going to be like the many humans who have failed her. 

At once I called the only person I know who has never said no to help an animal in distress.  Vinod Salvi.. And sure enough he sent the ambulance within the next half n hour and got her picked up to me moved to his shelter. 

While Vinod has been extremely kind to admit her there,  there are definitely costs involved. 

Ambulance bill -Rs 500

Per day boarding her at the shelter with food – Rs 200 daily 

Dr visits and check ups and medication- Rs 300 to 500 each time 

X-ray bill – Rs 1600 

It’s been only 2 days and the bill is already nearly Rs 3000.

We don’t know how long Browny is going to take to recover.  She has been detected with Pyometra too!  

Browny needs your help.  Do your Christmas deed and please open your hearts for her and donate for her today!  

It is impossible for me to do this by myself. 

Thank you in advance and know that you Get back ten folds of what you give a needy (specially for a helpless animal) .

You can pay tm any amount you feel comfortable with to this  number.  


In the description please write your name and ” for browny”.

Each drop makes an ocean.

Thank you again.