It breaks our  heart into a million pieces to announce that our cover – girl (the one in our profile pic and cover pic on Hózhó)- Angel- as we called her , was run over on the street and gave up on life on the spot ! She did not even make a sound . Went as silently as she came. Taught us so so much about life and how we should live it.

She was always , always happy.  No matter what.  She was so loved by everyone around her. The fish shop fed her fish every evening and her coat had begun to shine. 

The chicken shop gave her left overs in the day and she was growing healthy each passing day.

We got her vaccinated and dewormed and fed her daily too.She was such a happy go lucky soul.

The man driving the bolero did not even stop to bat an eyelid. She died under his wheels. 

She gave up.She did not want to die.

She is definitely in a better place today .Far away from all the anguish and pain.

Run free my girl Angel ,run over the rainbow bridge.

We love you . Lots.