As the temperatures dip..and we enjoy the winters indoors under our blankets ..there are animals on the street who freeze .. 😦
To get some warmth sometimes they hide in between the tyre and the guard .. sometimes under the car and sometimes even in th engine ! Don’t ask me how they get there.  They have their ways . They are super smart 🙂 

It is a humble request to each one of you .. before you sit in your  car ..tap the bonnet 2..3 times a bit that incase there is a dog or a cat in’ll come out.
If you notice anything weird about your engine. . Anything making sounds.. don’t hesitate to get off and open your bonnet to check please.
Check once under your cars /vehicles for animals that may be there to get some  warmth.

If possible : for your community animals.. put out gunny bags .. old blankets u don’t use. . In corners where they usually sit. They would love to snuggle too 🤗
Be kind. Be compassionate.

You could save a life !

Thank you for caring!