Our sweetheart Laila has crossed the rainbow bridge.

I received that dreaded call on the 6th of June 2017 , Tuesday  at 3.46 pm from ResQ.. to inform me that Laila had passed away due to a bout of Gastro .

My heart sank and I had no words. Its taken me 2 days for the news to sink in and prepare myself to write this .

More than 8 weeks now and Laila was slowly but steadily gaining health. Her tumor had reduced in size … but.. This is the con of admitting them in a shelter . No one is at fault. .infection does set in after a while..with so many cases around them ..

Sorry Laila , so sorry.. everyone did the best they could and we know you did the best you could too..to fight the disease.

So much pain so much suffering.. you are free from it all now baby.. run free my girl and i believe that you have already taken birth as the sweetest little pup and are being cared for from day 1. Not like in this life..on the streets and living on scraps.

We love you Laila. . See you on the other side…. till then. .. stay blessed my girl.