One afternoon I got a frantic call from a neighbor saying that there is a pup who she has never seen lying outside her door! She also mentioned the whole place was stinking and that she couldn’t really see what was wrong with the pup.

20 minutes later a friend and I were there and while we climbed the staircase to the first floor we couldn’t help but hold our breaths for the stink that was being emitted !!
What we saw was an approximately 3+ year old doggie cowering in the corner..not willing to look up even on being called out to.

She was bleeding profusely from the ear and on going closer we realised it was a HUGE maggot wound and hence the stink ! She wouldn’t let us touch her and hence we had to call an animal ambulance.

A big thank you to Mojdeh who arranged to give me the number of the ambulance service. Luckily he was reachable and came within 30 mins after the call.

Till then we kept ” Bella” (yes we named her that) company.
Sachin (the ambulance guy) reached and put the net over her . She did not fight it even once. She did not resist even once. We had to use a net because we did not know her at all. We could not gauge what her reaction would be .
Off in the ambulance to Vinod’s farm- Pet force.
3 weeks there and today Bella was brought back. She’s healed. The wound has closed and dried up.

Since we do not know where she came from we released her in the closest possible area we think/hope she came from. As soon as she was released she looked like she recognized the area and confidently walked and disappeared into the lane. She looked like a fed doggy. Maybe /Hopefully she has someone to call her own and hopefully that someone looks after her well.
We will keep a watch out for her .

Just to say how animals know who to reach out to when they need help!
Never have I seen her in the last 6 years we have been around feeding the streeties in that area…but ..she found us.
Thank you Bella for trusting us.
Thank you aunty Sujata for calling me on spotting  her.
Thank you Tejal for accompanying me and being there .
Thank you Mojdeh.
Thank you Sachin.
Thank you Vinod.
Thank you Dr.Madhavi.

Stay well Bella. Till we meet again !!