We named him Hope and now he has completely recovered and lives just outside the covered bushes of our residential complex. It took 4 weeks and sincere efforts of our volunteers in administering the right medicines and diet

to help Hope get back from his deteriorating state to being healthy. His wounds from mange were running dry, were cracked and bleeding. He tried to scratch away the discomfort of the scabs that formed, he lost a lot of her coat and that didn’t help. Some ointment, soothing cooler foods from the kitchen, unprocessed, did the trick. It all goes to say that it is possible to cure stray dogs. And in some cases there is not even much of a need to foster. Like of Hope’s. When you see one, attempt your best to cure it. Don’t run away from it thinking you might catch the disease or the dog might bite. There is a simple protocol to follow. Write to us, or call us to get to know more. All stray dogs can be won over by food that is yummy to them. Not rice or chapatis, but a small Rs. 10 packets of meat gravy available in the stores goes a long way.

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