First of all a big thank you to all our supporters. Any backing in form of spirit or action keeps us moving forward. There are a few names I wish to mention in this note, who worked hand in glove with us (literally) but I wont. Because I assume they are already a part of us. Giving them a bow, would alienate them, and I would hate that. The total count of puppies born in Nyati Empire who have found homes now touches 38. Generous loving families have adopted our dog puppies whole heartedly and made them a part of their lives. God will always be kind to them. Thank you, you parents are purest souls on this planet!

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General Appeal

Moving ahead, our mission continues on the same lines. Sterilize adult dogs, vaccinate them, get the puppies adopted. One adult dog sterilized or one street puppy adopted is at least 30 dogs less on the streets in one year. Do the math and you will see that this is THE ONLY pragmatic solution. I am willing to argue this with supporting evidence, over some coffee in a healthy and mature discussion. Invitations are welcome.

Street dogs are not a menace. The gap between general public, animal welfare workers and animals has worsened the situation. The mute animals are already born with instincts to love one another and their humans. God has done his part. So we can only expect humans to understand this, who have the brians and education. Please acknowledge the work of us animal welfare protagonists. Our work benefits you as well. Please cooperate with patience. Thats all we ask. It is very difficult to tolerate complaining chatters without willingness to work on the solution. The law supports us, and it is easy for us to invoke the law whenever we need. But we hope to resolve issues by showcasing our actions. I do not expect you to start loving dogs, that might be difficult. But if you can, you will see how gifting and giving the dog-kind is. Our expectation in utmost humility stays with you HUMANS. If you cannot join hands with our cause, please at least don’t try to obstruct our path.

In the last 10 days, we hope you have seen how we work, our methods, our passion. In last 4 years we have never publicised this. But we wanted this project to be run in the public eye so that you see that there is a workable solution. We have proven our point and would like you to acknowledge this in good faith. The management committee supported the idea. We are sure they faced a lot of opposition as well. We do commend their perspective.

Finally, here is a list of do’s and dont’s that we would prescribe and as always, in case of any situations, please approach us. We volunteer to do the best we can. These can be published or not. The call as always rests with the management committee. But if you may, please do spread the word.

1. Do not pelt stones at dogs, dont scare them, dont have the security guards chase them with sticks, dont shout at them – dogs can be driven away with a simple clap and most of the time even ignorance works – ignore and continue walking
2. Well fed and loved dogs never bite, it is proven – dogs need to be secure of human touch and need to be affirmed that humans are harmless, the feeling of aggression in dogs arises only because of a sense of insecurity
3. Dogs can be easily trained to defecate only in certain areas – even street dogs can be trained and it hardly takes a week of discipline – and guess what, only humans can train them – that is our gift
4. Dog hugs and licks are for free, try and overcome your fear, you will find a whole new world – teach your children to be compassionate – when you see a dog, dont say \’arre kutta kaat lega\’ – instead teach him/her how to approach a dog for the first time, pet the dog, the child will gain the most loyal friend for next 14 years, who rest assured, will not corrupt your child with any sort of bad habits
5. Feed dogs the right food, at proper timings in the day and feed them with your hands, do not throw food around in society premises assuming they will eat it later

Last but not the least, no society can be free of street dogs. There is no permanent solution other than the routine mentioned above. You may spend as much money as you like, but dogs who seek cool places and shelter will occupy our parking areas at night, if not in the daytime, when no one is on guard. If you wish, instead of spending the money in temporary solutions, we request you to financially aid our projects.

Dogs are a part of our eco-system. AWBI Guidelines govern that dogs which choose parts of society premises as their homes cannot be forced to be relocated. The law supports the mute animal in need, more than the human being who is disgusted by their presence. For instance, in Africa, Giraffes, Bulls, Bisons are found straying on highways. They dont kill them. They are rehabilitated. Dogs deserve the same treatment. And we are here to serve them as much as we are here to serve you.

Signing off.. God bless you all.. In prayers.. Love to all beings..
Tina, Ameya

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