If you own a flat in a co-op housing society, the society premises also belongs to you. You share that space with other flat owners, that’s fine, but it still belongs to you. Some of these premises are amenities, some are open to use, some are chargeable. Whatever the nature of usage, you yet belong to the same premises. To keep those premises clean is being as responsible as keeping your own house clean. When several complaints of getting those premises cleaned go unheard, what does one do?

Simple, just take a broom at hand. No job is big or small. Discriminating work is unethical to me. Sometimes a little physical input is required and it doesn’t harm at all. Personally to me, physical work keeps my body busy and mind wandering in several other thoughts. If I have to spend time thinking, why should I keep the body idle. Rather use the body physically elsewhere which does not require much intellect. It works.

Within 2 hours, an area probably measuring 800 sq ft was cleaned off the mess, muck, dry leaves and what not. No complaints. Might continue to do this if I see the governing body not taking action. Ultimately it also serves my purpose.

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