Author: Tina Malkani

A few months ago. . I was inspired by a post by a gentleman about how he collected the left over food from the flights he travelled on as a treat for the street dogs of that city…
Yesterday. . travelling by rail .. an idea struck Ameya and he suggested I go up to the pantry.. flash my AWBI Card 😉 and inquire what happens to the left over food.

To my delight the folks there were more than friendly and asked me if I wanted some packed for myself .
With a wide grin I said YES…but…the food I take will be distributed to animals 🙂
They seemed even more thrilled and packed boxes for me of rice and chapatis.
When I opened the boxes I saw lots of gulabjamuns too ..packed two each neatly in boxes.
So the rice n chapattis went to the animals and the gulab-jamuns to the poor 🙂

So my dear friends. .this post is not to tell you about the good deed etc We did but to further inspire you guys to go ahead and do the same. Specially if anyone lives close to station. .we can strike a deal and food can be picked regularly and distributed coz they actually end up throwing it all!

The same can be requested on a flight too.

My thoughts: If the railways can throw can you imagine the 5 stars!
Would love to collaborate and do something about/with this.

Here are some pics of the food 🙂

Pay it forward.
Happy New Year!