Get the stray dogs in your vicinity spayed, you will have their unsaid (#barked) blessings!

Call up karmanye volunteers for details

Get the strays in your vicinity neutered!

**A few pointers**

  1. A lactating mother cannot be neutered for until 10 weeks since the birth of her litter. Every dog older than 6 to 8 months can be spayed / neutered.
  2. If you notice a dog on heat, whether bleeding or not, be alarmed, its never a wrong time to go in for the small operation.
  3. Do not assume that stray dogs with clipped ears would always be spayed, keep a watch, stay alert.
  4. Befriend the stray dog, feed some biscuits or meals, twice a day for 2 weeks, we will need your help to catch the dog, and do not worry, no harm would be caused to the animal.
  5. The human connection works magic so as to calmly put the collar, leash and muzzle, if required. No aggression, no resistance, only if the dog knows that you mean no harm.
  6. The operation would be performed at the Blue Cross Hospital under complete care and attention of the staff. karmanye volunteers would be involved right from the time when your dog is collected, to its operation & surgery and until the time the dog recovers.
  7. The post-operation care is advised for 5 days and the dog will stay with Blue Cross Hospital until then.
  8. The dog will be left back into the vicinity where it was collected from within 5-7 days of his / her operation.
  9. Every dog older than 6 to 8 months can be spayed / neutered.
  10. The entire procedure costs Rs. 1000.