Rishi, our first cancer patient, who was in desperate need of financial help, died of cancer on 8th Sept 2012.

We were able to raise about 80% of the financial help that was required for his treatment. During the 2 years that we spent with him and his family, we bonded too close with him, only to realize that Rishi was in fact helping us. A brave soldier, a studious boy, in top 5 ranks at his school, Rishi loved Cricket and enjoyed his last IPL series treating his friends over the finals. His prediction had come true, and his favorite team had won the cup. Rishi underwent a bone marrow transplant, the donor none other than his younger sister. But he lost his battle to the GVHD severity.

The family has been in touch since then, and we respect Rishi’s fight with cancer, and are humbled with his spirit and his family’s relentless efforts; which has indeed led us to form a society of individuals who would cater to such cases. “The fault is in our stars”, they say, how do we expect the financially unprivileged families fight cancer that demands millions in its treatment? How fair is this life which is measured only in the terms of your financial well being? What are the mortals to deduce from these facts? Should we just give up?

A salute to Rutuja, Rishi’s sister, the youngest donor of bone marrow we have known


Rishi’s case has been executed in collaboration with SaiHands and StockTalks Group, who have helped us raise funds from all corners of the world.

Our deepest gratitude and wishes to all donors. A BIG Thank You!

Rishi life in posts: http://saverishi.blogspot.in/