karmanye foundation

..it's your turn now!


karmanye proudly publishes its manifesto and welcomes all members who subscribe to its ideologies, practices and character to join hands in any of its ongoing projects. Let this manifesto serve as a constant reminder to all of us, karyakartas, to propel us to perform our duties , serve the agenda and carry immense faith that good deeds yield only blissful results.

the manifesto released in supreme agreement:

1. karmanye volunteers to execute with complete transparency. All documents, paperwork, validations, monetary transactions, deeds of kind, be duly audited and be made available for public viewing. There isn’t and will never be anything that needs private circulation.

2. karmanye volunteers seek no privileges in any form from its beneficiaries. While the Geeta-saar teaches us to stay purely selfless, it certainly seems easier said than done, for the mortals. karmanye karyakartas only expect the beneficiaries to carry the torch & our message forward, to keep us in their prayers, and let their Gods bless every being on this planet.

3. karmanye volunteers seek no individual authority and all decisions are to be kept democratic, maintaining clear majority in decision making. Agreements in the entire group of volunteers is the crux to execute projects successfully. You are in, or you are out. There is no intermediate state.

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