I can’t believe that this is my thought process for Pillu… But it is what it is.
It’s the first time in my life that I’m thinking of putting an animal to sleep because i cannot afford the treatment ahead.Β It’s breaking me that we’ve come this far and yet we are forced to think on these lines. πŸ’” And he is not the only case I’m handling πŸ˜”
I met with the vets yesterday and they say though Pillu is showing improvement, his recovery is a long road ahead. They were shocked that i was thinking on these lines and have assured me that though it might take longer, Pillu does have a strong chance at life.Β 

We have spent over Rs 100,000 already and are out of funds at theΒ moment to continue his treatment.

It’s been a month and it could take even three to four months till he’s back on his legs.Β 

Where are we going to get the funds from?

At the moment I have an outstanding bill with them of RS 55,070/- (attached herewith)
The option of moving him out of there is closed because no one else we know of is capable of looking after him in this state.

I am looking to raise a minimum of Rs. 150,000- for now. (50- to pay the outstanding and 100,000 to continue the treatment) without which i will have no choice but to take a call πŸ™

Do you think you can help Pillu to have a chance at life ?Β 

Would you be able to amplify Pillus posts?Β 

This is literally an πŸ†˜ call.. for Pillu πŸ™

You can help in these ways :

1. Pay the vets directly- i will give you details
2. GPAY me on 9923334246 – receipts and an 80g tax exempt will be provided
3. AMPLIFY this post πŸ™
4. Give up on one Starbucks coffee and donate for Pillu πŸ™πŸ’”

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