After changing three vets Pillu has finally been diagnosed with Tick bite paralysis! He is not able to move any of his limbs but has deep pain sensation so the vets are hopeful. He’s eating well and the rest of his bodily activities are on track.

He is now admitted to a private clinic and facility where he will receive the required effort, care and attention he needs for him to recover.
He will be given timely physiotherapy, acupuncture treatment and also Laser therapy.

But all this has already cost me a LOT!

Pls SWIPE 👉 to have a look at the bills already incurred…and he has atleast a minimum of a MONTH still to recover ..
I haven’t even added the transport bill and the bills at the other two vets yet .

Please please help PILLU in whatever way possible 🙏 We are only instruments in the hands of the universe…pillu came my way and i pray i have the strength and resources to do the best for this young boy of just about a year young!

He deserves to live and he has a community of well meaning people hoping and praying for him. A bunch of security guards who love him to bits have been calling me daily to know about his progress.

If i don’t have enough resources i will not be able to continue Pillus care at this facility and no one else is capable of helping him in this state 🥺

Please help PILLU in whatever little way possible…
Please GPAY On 9923334246 🙏

Thank you
In gratitude
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