Do you remember the 9 pups that were abandoned along with their mother in the dead of the night approximately 2 months ago?

Well, Venkat, the guy who runs the chai tapri and we did the best we could to keep them safe and healthy. From the food that @waradabhide sent daily to the deworming, shelter and medication we provided.. we all did our best.
They were to be vaccinated this week and we noticed that they were looking very low and were passing very loose and bloody motions.

Yes, Parvo it is.

All of them have been sent to a hospital and are being administered the required meds. One, who was sent two days before the others to another shelter, has passed away 💔

One is healing from a fracture but luckily doesn’t have parvo because she was sent away for her fracture recovery to a private foster before they caught the virus.

7 are at an animal hospital – Rs 14,000 has been paid. Plus transport – Plus a daily fee of Rs 250 a day till they come back.
Fracture pup Izzy – will be a totally different bill. Will post when i receive it.
Please please please help us help these innocent beings 🙏
Gpay on 9923334246
There are many times that people tell me and i agree, let nature take it’s course… And that’s how nature balances itself… I absolutely agree.. but i have one question – when i see them suffer in front of my eyes and i know that if they are not picked up , the virus will spread like wild fire to other dogs around the vicinity – what am i to do?
If you have answers, please please feel free to let me know 🙏
Thank you,
In gratitude
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