1. Give the pup some space but at the same time be around. It might be the first time the pup is away from his/her siblings and mother. He/she might be a little scared and anxious..

2. Don’t expect the pup to start playing immediately. They will take a day or three to adjust to new surroundings, smells and people.

3. Food : find out from the adopter what the pup was on before you got him/her. Start by giving about 4-5 meals a day. The meals can be rice and some egg, rice and little chicken broth, puppy pedigree. No milk please. Maybe very little dahi and rice. Assit the pup to eat for the first time as they might have been on mother’s milk before you got them. Don’t feed in the mouth but hold the food close to the pup.. with a finger make them smell and guide him/her to the bowl. Please ensure portion control. Very tiny meals each time. NO SWEETS NO SALT NO CHOCOLATE.

4. Water bowl: please keep a water bowl in one place in the house. Ensure you keep it clean and refill twice a day. They will start identifying that place as their source of water soon enough.

5. Create a cosy corner/bed for the pup where they will feel secure and safe and comfortable. Put an old soft cloth of yours if possible..for them to get familiar with the smell. Like an old t shirt. No deo please.

6. No walks for the first month or so if the pup is small. A vet visit is mandatory. The vet will deworm the pup and let you know when they can be vaccinated. Please follow the vets advice.

7. For potty training, when the pup pees for the first time at your home. Don’t wipe it. Place a newspaper on it. Let it dry. Once completely dry pick that paper up and put it in a place where you are ok with the pup doing his/her business. Add some more papers around the place. This will take a few times but eventually they will get it.

8. Once you are given the green signal to take them out for walks, please do so about 3-4 times a day for them to know that poop and pee is only outside. Mainly immediately after meals, after playing and after waking up from sleep.

9.Over and above everything else, please give eachother some time to get comfortable. The pup is new to your home, they don’t get trained automatically. You will need to work a little hard ๐Ÿ™‚