This morning began on a very special note ❣️
A young lad who turned 18 today wanted to start his day by celebrating with the streeties. 🐾

He reached out to Kamalakshi (a close friend of mine and a celebrity on Instagram) about his wish and she very kindly recommended me and told him about all the work we do. He looked up our website and got in touch with me .Thank you babe ❣️❣️

He wanted to donate dog food and spend his morning with my streeties on my feeding round. He was more than welcomed. He brought along a friend too.

Mihir and Kiran – 18 and 21 respectively, it is indeed my pleasure to know boys like you who have so much love , compassion and empathy .. when I meet youngsters like you’ll it gives me some hope for the future of our street animals.

There is so much hatred towards them otherwise that meeting you’ll was like a breath of fresh air that did not stink of selfishness .

Thank you for the food you donated and the time you spent with us this morning.
Shamli and Vishal, thank you both too for coming and spending time with my streeties this morning and being a constant support ❣️
All my doggies sure enjoyed the extra bit of love and affection today .
Happy birthday once again Mihir and may you have a long ,healthy , compassion and love filled life ahead.

Best Wishes

-Team Karmanye