Update : Browny has been released back to her home ground. She has fully recovered thanks to the effort of people and vets at the shelter. We donated for her treatment and stay there. She has also been sterelised. Wish you all the very best browny girl. We hope to meet you often and may you have a long healthy happy life.

_________โ™กโ™กโ™ก__________ Dear all , I cannot thank you all enough for your loving contribution towards browny. . look at this girl today. ..she is standing ๐Ÿ™‚ and below videos where she is running a bit too.. She has been detected with pyometra as well which is an infection of the uterus. She is being treated for the same. Once she’s clear of all that she will be spayed and put back in her area .. We will need continuous funds till she is in the shelter .. per day is rs 100 ..plus medication and vet visits she will need to be there for minimum a month .. Thank you Pets Force – Vinod Salvi for your dedication towards all our furry friends. Dog bless you.